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 Travelling Light-Code of Conduct Travelling Light shall only process personal data received from the customer for the purposes of; 1.1. Performing the agreement, after which data (order form) will be returned to the client. 1.2. To the extent and manner necessary for the agreement to be carried out. 1.3. Strictly in accordance with the authorisation and agreement of the client unless consent is given by the client permitting otherwise. 2. Travelling Light will comply with any request from the client requiring it to amend, transfer, or delete the personal data. 3. Travelling Light shall: 1.Never transfer any of the personal data to a third party without the consent of the client. 2.Assist the client to exercise their rights under Data Protection legislation as far as the Company is able to do so 3.Assist the data controller (school or nursery) in complying with the data rights of individuals (clients). 4.Implement appropriate security measures to protect the data against unlawful processing, accidental loss destruction or damage or alteration. 5.Destroy all personal data (digital images) after 1.5 academic years of the initial date of processing, unless requested by the client. 6.Notify the data Controller( school or nursery) of any known data breach (within a time scale deemed appropriate by the GDPR) having become aware of the breach.  Travelling Light Data Protection Policy Protection of data. To prevent unauthorised disclosure or access to clients data, physical and electronic procedures have been implemented. 1.1 Physical data is kept under lock and key. 1.2 Electronic data is stored on password protected hardware, running current firewall and security software. 1.3 Keep accurate and up to date records relating to the processing and transfer of clients data. Stored data. 2. Personel Information. 2.1 Only the clients surname and amount paid (cheques will be scanned) will be kept for account records. 2.2 Images will be coded and not linked to school/nursery or client. 2.3 No other information will be collected or stored (other than already stated) unless requested by the client. Paul Gemmell, Travelling Light